GET A QUICKIE! Easy Energy Boosting Tips from FOODTRAINERS Lauren Slayton

Exhausted. Spent. At the end of my Jimmy Choo tether. I, like so many moms, feel like I am in a permanent state of fatigue. So, I turned to my friend Lauren Slayton, nutrition guru and owner of  FOOD TRAINERS for some advice on how to raise my energy level

“I don’t think Mom’s know how poorly they are feeling until they tweak their diet and feel better: sleep better and don’t crash in afternoon”, Lauren told me. She then issued this challenge: skip all added sugar (even agave/evaporated cane juice counts) for 3 days.. She added, “ You may hate me for first day but on 3rd you will be contemplating a load of laundry at 9pm”. Umm. Laundry? I can think of better things to do with extra energy!

When I told her that, after making my kids’ breakfasts and lunch, I ran out to my office often forgetting to eat myself, she tsk-tsked me and supplied easy solutions that all take under three minutes and will prevent me from making poor food choices later in the day.

Here are her tips:

  • Smoothies: put it all in the blender before you go to bed (or in fridge in a bowl)
    Protein (sunwarrior or socalcleanse are my favorites)
    1 c frozen fruit (cascadian farms frozen fruit) or fresh fruit and a handful of ice
    1 c greens (baby spinach, kale or romaine)
    1 cup liquid (coconut water, almond milk OR ice water)
    Optional stevia

    ATK bump it up style, lauren slayton

  • Egg- try microwave poaching
    Fill mug 1/3 up with water
    Crack egg in
    Place in Microwave
    Cover with salad plate (to avoid egg explosion)
    Cook 60 seconds and transfer egg from mug to plate
    Have with berries or cut melon (washed and cut night before)

    Know the importance of a good purse snack, place 1 in all purses in your current rotation
  • Bars: Pure, Zing, Kookie Karma
    Seeds: 1/4 cup sunflower or pumpkin seeds (in many ways nutritionally superior to nuts)


Lauren Slayton

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Bushy, bad brows are on par with mom jeans: a facial frumpifier .

I know firsthand the challenges of full, frontal facial hair. Born with brows that are Frieda Kahlo with a side of Eddie Munster, “full” was an understatement.  Some people always have breath mints stashed everywhere. I have tweezers. In the car, I peek in the vanity mirror to remove a gaggle of strays that have reared their wiry heads since breakfast. At work, while stroking my forehead in thought, I discover scary  pube-like patches that have bloomed between my brows. And, then there is the Martini Tweeze; a post cocktail depilation that never ends well. Such evenings I am tempted to call Dr. Drew to implore the addition of a tweezer category to his rehab show.

The upside? Women gaze longingly at my full, well arched brows murmuring something about blessed DNA.   Thick brows are a massive pain in the ass. But, At long last–through hard core plucking and primping – i have transformed my God given caterpillar brows into something resembling professionally groomed models in VOGUE. My wayward thicket of facial hair had been tamed.

Though the glossies have pronounced the thick Charlotte Gainsbourg-esque look au courant, we of the looming Unibrow, spend inordinate amounts of time plucking, trimming and praying that we don’t morph into Dr. Zaius of Planet of the Apes stature while we sleep at night.

So, how to morph Dr. Zaius-esque caterpillar brows into coiffure du jour? I employ the three ‘P’s: patience, product and professional help as needed.

To shellac wayward brows into well arched submission, slather on clear ULTA Brow gel

To keep create two definitive brows from one, invest in REVLON True Precision Tweezer

To maintain a groomed to-the-nines arch, use ANASTASIA brow stencils

To repair bald spots after a Martini Tweeze, keep ANASTASIA Brow Enhancing Serum on hand

Here’s what you need in your eyebrow arsenal:

1. ULTA Brow Gel $6

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Stencils $20

3. Alessandra Brow Pencil $15

4. Revlon True Precision Tweezer $12.99

5. Sally Hansen Beauty Tools, Perfect Arch Brow Set $7.99

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum $36

7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes $39.50

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Dry? Damaged? Lifeless?

Get the inside scoop on how to make the most of your hair.
World renowned Style icon Frédéric Fekkai will be visiting Chicago to make an appearance at ULTA State Street.  He will be offering personalized hair consultations and show women how to transform their hair into the ultimate accessory with solution-based products from his signature Fekkai collection.Women will have the unique opportunity to receive one-on-one consultations and learn more about one of the beauty industry’s A-List haircare brands. Stop by or call to make an appointment for a consultation.

WHEN : Tuesday, January 10, 12pm – 2pm

114 S. State Street
Chicago, IL 60603

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