meet pregprep: a doctor formulated pre-pregnancy kit to promote fertility

I know what it is like to want to get pregnant. Ovulation charts. Temperature taking. Modified diet. Frustration. Sound familiar? Well, two moms-actually sisters-in-law-wanted to do something to help women who wanted to improve their chances of getting pregnant without serious medical intervention. So, they researched. They tested. They formulated. They conceived.  Introducing PregPrep, a pre-pregnancy kit to promote fertility by creating a more hospitable fertilization environment. Since one founder, Dr. Lara Oboler, is a bona fide doctor, the medical research funneled into the product has a level of undisputed credibility. The key ingredient is NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine), a natural mucolytic that dissolves viscous mucus to facilitate fertilization. Thin cervical mucus eases sperm transport to your egg. NAC is also a naturally-occurring antioxidant that reduces levels of free radicals in the body.

“Trying to get pregnant can be an anxiety provoking experience. We want to take some of that anxiety out of the equation by empowering women to take control of their conception journey. We are giving them the tools to be proactive and put good things in their body while they are trying to conceive. Every ingredient and product in our MTB kit can only help a women and her baby,” explains Dr. Oboler

The kit provides two major conception-boosting benefits from one single source. The PregPrep formulation contains the most optimal dosages of NAC in a multi-ingredient fertility supplement available. FertilPrep is also fortified with a select blend of natural derivatives (including Chaste Berry Extract and Evening Primrose Oil) that offer further support to the quality of cervical mucus, fight free radical damage + support hormonal health.

I caught up with Dr. Lara Oboler to get the inside scoop on this groovy new pregnancy supplement.

The kit contains a 2 month supply of 3 formulated products to increase the probability of getting pregnant and a guide of essential information to get the most of your kit. ($48)

Q: What sparked the idea of PregPrep?

A: I conceived the idea for PregPrep 9 years ago, when I was having trouble getting pregnant. I was in my mid 30s and had been trying for six months. I had an appointment booked with an infertility specialist when I read a fertility book suggesting that for the 5 days leading up to ovulation, women should take a mucolytic (which can be found in some cough syrups)..  Mucolytics are substances that thin out bodily secretions. The logic of using a mucolytic was explained: just as a mucolytic thins out the mucus in your lungs, it also thins the cervical mucus (making it less sticky,) which makes it easier for the sperm to swim to the egg.

As a physician, I thought, “ok, this makes medical sense”. So I took a mucolytic the following month for the 5 days leading up to my ovulation and found out I was pregnant while sitting in the infertility specialist’s office for my first (and only) visit.

During that embarrassing appointment, the doctor told me they prescribe mucolytics all the time. How could it be that I was a medical doctor and a woman desperately trying to get pregnant and had never heard of this?

That was my “aha” moment.

My next two children were conceived first try – with the help of a mucolytic. (I was 40 years old when I conceived my 3rd child).

It was then that I realized I wanted to develop products to help all women trying to conceive and empower them to take control of their fertility journey.

Q: What were the biggest challenged faced when developing PregPrep?

A: Our biggest challenge was finding a safe, natural mucolytic. That’s where NAC comes in. NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine), is an extremely safe, well-known mucolytic used for multiple medical problems. it is also a natural substance that is found in our bodies. In addition, NAC is not only a mucolytic but a highly effective antioxidant. In short, NAC renders cervical mucus less sticky and helps facilitate the successful transport of sperm to egg. And because it is also an antioxidant, it rids the body of free radicals (which are the body’s toxins) and supports its natural fertility functions. As a physician, I felt that the products we produced had to be safe, first and foremost. The Hippocratic oath states that doctors should do no harm so that has always been #1 in my mind.

Q: How did your background as a physician aid in the development of the brand?

A: In terms of the development of our kit, we worked with an incredible team to produce the highest quality, research-oriented products. As a physician, I am able to navigate through the medical world and select ingredients to create the most medically sound, safe, natural products.

Q: Were you surprised by any of the research you found when creating the product?

A: Actually – yes.  Little did I know that there has been several double-blind, placebo-controlled research studies performed on NAC in terms of helping women conceive. We have sited several of the studies on our website. We also have streamlined a prenatal vitamin with ”just the essentials.” Again, we have several studies cited on our website.

Q: What does Preg Prep offer that other prenatal vitamins don’t?

A: PregPrep’s Make That Baby Kit (MTB) is an amazing, natural alternative to other fertility products. It is truly revolutionary and fills a void in the marketplace by allowing women to take control of their conception. MTB puts women on a program. It’s a comprehensive kit with a 2 month supply of 3 unique, natural products, as well as a manual filled with all the information a woman needs to start her pregnancy journey.

Our FertilPrep is a physician-formulated capsule that  targets your 5 most fertile days and optimizes your fertility. It thins your cervical mucus to help transport the sperm to egg.

Our VitaMelt is also unique. Conventional prenatal vitamins are used pre, during, and post pregnancy. And because of that, typical prenatal vitamins end up being incredibly large and difficult to swallow. They also commonly cause nausea and constipation. Our VitaMelt is streamlined, with only the essentials of what you need before getting pregnant, including Folic Acid. They are small, pleasant tasting, melt on your tongue, and cause no unpleasant side effects.

Our Essential Balance OIl – to use in bath or shower — is calming, aromatherapeutic, and gets you in the mood for the best part of baby making!!

Co-founders of PregPrep
Marjorie Jaffe Goldner & Dr. Lara Oboler

For more information about PregPrep please visit www.

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