ATK Chats Parenting Issues with CNN

Is it OK to Spy On Your Kids?


Spying on your kids. It’s a divisive issue. But, like it or not, monitoring your kids is all a part of parenting. I was asked by CNN’s Kelly Wallace how I felt about the issue. Here is what I said. And, below, is Kelly’s entire piece published on this morning. What do you think about spying on your children?

Spying. It depends on your kid and his/her age. Intellectually, I can understand the nanny cam. First time moms are anxious about leaving their precious babies with a stranger. So, the camera is more about keeping an eye on the nanny versus the baby. But, I don’t approve of spying-type cameras for older kids. There needs to be a certain level of trust established. Kids need to spread their teenage wings and start having experiences outside of the parental realm. However, if my daughter (I have two daughters, 9 and 12) started acting out in a way that signaled a problem, I would need to re-think this stance. Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with this issue. Yet.

Social media? That is another story. I prefer to use the term “monitoring.” Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are virtual feeding grounds for all types of illicit behavior. I constantly talk to my 12 year old about privacy and the presence of perverts online looking for innocent girls. I monitor her content (she’s into Instagram) but also her privacy settings to make sure that perverts (and cyber bullies) can’t access her accounts. I really believe in establishing a high level of trust. In order to have access to a phone (she claims to be the last of her friends to get a phone) my daughter had to prove that she could follow rules (my husband had her write an essay!) and commit to limits on phone/social media use. She has really followed through so I do not read her texts.

When I was a kid my parents definitely spied on us via a low-tech intercom system. HA! We always heard them tuning in and modified our conversations accordingly.

spy screenshot

Read more here

2015-01-06_11-54-07 Video from

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My Cheat Sheet for Eating Healthy and Working Out After Baby

Women fantasize about leaping back into their pre-pregnancy jeans right after giving birth. I mean, celebrities do it, so why cant the average woman? Seeing A Listers supersonically whittle their waists puts enormous pressure on new moms. Truth:  stars have an army of help: nannies, personal trainers and chefs to help them get back into shape. For real women, dropping the weight take some time. As January is always about fresh starts, I penned a story for What To Expect, a cheat sheet if you will, about realistic ways to bounce back after baby. There is no secret. Its all about smart, healthy choices. I offer up some fitness regimes, recipes and nutrition tips to get you looking and feeling your best. The old adage is true. It took nine months to put on and will take nine months to take off.


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Fitness On the Fly for Busy Moms

Recent issues of celeb tabloids feature a Kim Kardashian who refuses to leave her house until she has reclaimed her “bikini body.” This puts enormous pressure on Kim and the legions of other new moms that cannot wait to be rid of the post delivery deflated tire-in-the belly. Well, the old adage that it takes 9 months to put it on and 9 months to take it off is true. Though getting to the gym may prove to be a challenge for most new moms, there are 2 very do-able workouts available to everyone—the two that I developed for at home and in the playground.

Kim Kardashian steps out post-baby looking comfortable and casual

Exercise is a big deal. It is that energizing force that makes you look good. It makes you feel good. It is that chunk of private time that allows you to turn off that twitter feed crashing through your brain and just tune out. Or, get creative. But, for most moms, such decompression is a distant memory. As a mom on kid duty, physically getting to a gym is the challenge. It’s impossible to go first thing in the morning. It’s impossible to go at the end of the day. If you are a stay at home mom with help, this may not be an issue for you, But for the working mom and mom without help, gym time  is one of those things that gets moved to the bottom of the to-do list.

As my once pert body parts started to flabbify, I made a resolution to stage my return to the gym. But–how? My time crunch was not going to change. So, I needed to find a way to boost my metabolism within the constraints of my lifestyle. What I discovered is that a gym is not actually required to get a good schvitz going. If you are creative, you can craft an effective workout anywhere and at any time. All you need is a door frame, a chair, a playground ball, hand weights, and resistance bands. Oh, and dose of determination.

JUST DO IT: Fitness on the fly!

PLAYGROUND–Monkey Bars: Try chin-ups: Hang with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart with your palms facing toward your body. Pull your body up until your head is above the bar, then slowly lower to the starting position. This works your core and upper body.

PLAYGROUND–Bench: Try lunges. Place your right foot on a bench about knee height. Step up and tap your left foot on the bench while fully extending your right leg. Slowly step back down with the left leg and repeat.

NOTE:  If you have an infant, simply strap him into an infant carrier and carry on!

AT HOME–Workout videos: The Fusion Bump DVD follows the “shock your body” mentality that is uniquely designed with body resistance strength training, toning, barre disciplines, power yoga, cardio kickboxing, Pilates, and circuit training. Pair the Bump DVD with Fusion’s Booty equipment bag and create a total home workout system.

AT HOME–All you need is a chair, resistance bands, magic circle, soft rubber ball, jump rope and great music. Do series of plies while holding back of chair. Do sit ups while crunching your core with the magic circle. Work out triceps and biceps w/ resistance band. Strengthen  inner thighs with soft rubber ball. Do push ups, too.

MOM TIP: Jumping robe for ten minutes is a mega calorie burner

Preview the Fusion Bump DVD:

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Summer vacation? Expert tips for family travel

It’s no secret. I have wanderlust. My grandparents ignited my passion with a quickie Paris/London tour when I was 15. The next year, I headed to Spain for a summer exchange program. After college, I Euro-railed through Europe for two months delighted to lodge at seedy hostels and subsist on day old croissants. Once I started to work, I managed to pop over the pond as an air courier  ($100 tickets pre-terrorism!) for spur of the moment jaunts. At 25, I was fluent in the language of champagne, high tea and sauccison. Then, I had kids. As soon as they were old enough, we hopped on a plane and started a tradition of family adventures. Now, with daughters 7 and 11, I bring them everywhere. This summer we are off for a month long trip to Europe. Travel is fun, yes. But the experience (especially dealing with the inherent mishaps of any trip) of conquering unknown cultures inspires a type of curiosity that cannot be gleaned from any classroom.



• Early bird gets the deal! There are no substitutes for planning

• Always ask for a deal!: When making reservations for restaurants or lodging, tell them you are budget conscious and looking for discounts or deals for groups

• Late night booking: If a hotel, cruise or plane is all booked up, check back late at night—around midnight computers dump inventory that’s been on hold but not actually paid for

• Restricted Fares: For group travel, go through a travel agent because they have access to restricted fares for certain groups that you wouldn’t be able online on your own. Law enforcement fares, military fares and senior fares usually have to go through a travel agent.

• Travel midweek: A family of six can save up to $1200 by travelling midweek

• Book plane tickets on Saturday and/or Sunday: Studies show prices drop nearly 5 percent on the weekends

• Connecting flights are always cheaper then non-stop flights

• When temperatures get hot, prices drop: If you can stand 100+ heat, prices drop in the summer time for destinations likeLas Vegas, Cancun or Florida

• End of Summer travel: End of August and after Labor day travel can save you over 25% opposed to rates during June and July

• Visit the tourism board of the city you’re visiting for resources or deals on attractions, lodging and restaurants

• Souvenirs can be pricey. Encourage the kids to start a cool (inexpensive) collection, like sea shells, postcards, pins, patches or room keys.

• Avoid taxis: Explore a city using their public transportation, walk or even bike

• Invest in the Entertainment coupon book: This giant book of coupons will come in handy at many restaurants, hotels and attractions

• Save on hotel breakfast: Bring oatmeal/own breakfast to save $ on hotel breakfast

• Bring travel-size grooming to reduce weight of bags

• Most hotel chains offer seasonal deals and promotions that can be easily researched on their website

• Always ask about discounts for kids, students, armed forces, teachers and/or seniors. Front desks also might have information on deals or packages with local restaurants or attractions

• AAA 48 hour deals: Deals up to 50% on hotels come out each Tuesday, and you have two days to book them before they disappear

• Get airfare alerts on sites like or

• All-inclusive resorts get rid of the daily budget hassle

• Cruises can be a great option for families that want the option of several destinations without the hassle of packing up every few nights and switching hotels.

• Renting a house can reduce many travel costs, from free laundry to a full kitchen to cook a couple meals a day. If you have a larger family you can be in one place opposed to multiple rooms. Let’s you live like a local!RESOURCES:,, (accommodates last minute travel)

** offers delivery on cribs, car seats and all things baby



• Apple Vacations: Stay in Jamaica for 7 nights at an all-inclusive hotel including airfare for $1000 per person

• Save up to 50% on flash deals toLas Vegas

• Groupon Getaways: Stay at the Marriot Niagra Falls for $150 a night which includes $50 dining credit, bottle of wine and free breakfast

• Jetsetter by Gilt Groupe

• Expedia

• CheapOAir

• Living Social Escapes



• Anticipate issues, be prepared for delays, boredom and/or sickness. Have these items on hand:
• Diversions/activities: iPad, electronic, candy for bribery

• Snacks, water, Toilet toppers, table toppers, wipes, medicine

• Get organized: Put all documents in a folder or binder with all hotel addresses, check-in times and flight details and any or everything you can think of! Even make a spreadsheet!

• Spontaneity can be fun with your itinerary, but not trip preparations: Organize and be prepared for all would-be scenarios. (weather, sick, food, allergies, navigation, soothing mechanisms, extra battery source for cell phone) all these things can cost a lot of money when you’re caught in a pinch.

• Make it a learning experience: If a cultural destination, have kids do a worksheet that the parent made to have them understand and learn about the destination—doing research helps them learn. Visit the library or research online to prepare for the trip.

• Give responsibilities: Give older kids responsibilities that keep them engaged and help you out during the trip, like mapping directions, daily budget, checklist or snack keeper.

• Packing: Pack a week before—lay it out—this way you wont overpack. Always make copies of credit cards, licenses to leave with a family friend in case of emergency, lost or stolen.



• Pad your budget with an emergency slush fund—emergencies happen!

• Set up a direct deposit each month with an automatic transfer of x amount of $ into a savings account earmarked for vacation

• Go old school: Put change and extra dollars into an old pasta sauce jar

• Souvenirs budget: Set a souvenir budget before leaving for the trip so you don’t overspend



• If connecting flights with kids in tow, always allow a couple hours of layover time. Use it as a fun opportunity for kids to stretch legs and explore.

• Be prepared with earplanes for ear irritations, a portable DVD player, toys, books, gum or candy for bribery and even medicine.

• Avoid having to haul both a stroller and a car seat on plane trips–the Sit ’n’ Stroll is one piece of equipment that’s both a car seat and an FAA-certified child-restraint seat and that converts into a durable stroller.

• Checking bags for a whole family can cost $200+, airlines like Jetblue and Southwest allow 1 free checked bag.



• Sofitel Packages

• Holiday Inn Packages

• Starwood Hotel (Sheraton) Packages

• Best Western



• Family cruises often have free daycare options, so that mom and dad can get away for an evening or two

• Cruise Critic deals

• Royal Carribean Deals



• Disney Package Deals

• Great deals on all things Disney

• Theme parks like Disney and six flags always have running promotions with local hotels and restaurants.

• Say no to theme park food and half way through your day trek back to your car or hotel for a picnic break.



• Consider a camping trip in one of the more than 5,600 U.S. state parks

• State parks offer access to free recreational activities such as hiking, swimming, and biking for a small entrance or parking fee (usually under $10) and some also offer museums, cultural and historic sites, and educational programming for little or no fee.

• And, in most parks, you can reserve a tent/yurt site with access to running water, toilets, and outdoor-cooking facilities for under $20 a night.

• Favorites: Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Zion



• Driving can save you money on transportation costs, but the real skill is keeping an organized and chaos-free car

• Planning and organizing is imperative

• Having a portable dvd player/iPad for kids to watch and other games and diversions are key!

• Triple AAA could not only save you in a car emergency, but they offer many member discounts at hotels and tourist attractions, such as, Hyatt Hotels save 10%, Universal studios save 10%, Sea world Save 10% and more



• Hotel Tonight (last minute): Hotels give us last-minute deals on their unsold rooms, with discounts up to 70% You book the deals easily and securely on your smartphone.

• Kayak (last minute): In a pinch? Set up price alerts and book hotels, flights, car services and more at low prices, on the go.

• Trip It (for the busy mom): Organizing a family is overwhelming. TripIt merges all of your travel plans into a comprehensive itinerary so everything is in one place.Here’s what to do: Forward confirmation emails to and TripIt will automatically build an itinerary for your trip that you can access anytime, either online or from a mobile device.

• Trail Wallet: Nobody wants to worry about money when travelling, but it’s a necessity. Set a daily budget, add expenses quickly and even take pics of receipts.

• Gate Guru: Who has time to track flight details? Looking for a decent meal during your layover? Or a last minute souvenir? GateGuru delivers flight details, gate numbers and navigates airport amenities. Think of it as the Yelp of airports.Pro-Tip: Connect and sync GateGuru account to TripIt or KAYAK for an uber personalized travel experience.

• MetrO (Save $ on vacay): The confusion of fold out public transit maps is over! MetrO helps you find your way in the public transportation systems in more than 400 cities around the world. Here’s what to do: Download the cities you need and search your route by subway, bus, tram, railway…AND you don’t even need an internet connection after you have installed the cities.

• Trip Advisor’s City Guides: FREE city guide with the restaurants, attractions, hotels and reviews you love from TripAdvisor, stored in the app — no data roaming charges! Takes all the information and reviews from to bring you the best hotels, restaurants and attractions. Create your own trip journal. Curated itineraries allow self guided tours.

• Skype: Say “hello” to friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free–right from the palm of your hand.

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mom-to-be mojito mocktail

FACT: Preggos get dehydrated.
And, drinking gallons of water is a bore. How to boost H2O intake? Create a mocktail that looks and tastes like a minty, fresh mojito. Here’s what to do: Fill a water bottle or glass with water. Squeeze in ¼ fresh  lime or lemon juice. Add sliced strawberries, raspberries, cucumber or even mango. Add a few sprigs of fresh mint. Voila. You will easily triple your water intake.

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JET SET: Tips for Stress-free (& stylish) family travel

I am headed to Paris with my daughter on Friday. A serial traveler, I pack for every conceivable in-flight situation. And, I dress in way that is at once comfortable and chic.  Just in case Robert Pattinson or Karl Lagerfeld should sit near us on the flight.

On the fashion front, it is all about super soft leggings and long sleeved tee shirt. Layered over the shirt is a DKNY cashmere “cozy” and a extra wide cashmere scarf that can double as a blanket. Flexible ballet flats are a must.The entire outfit is, of course, black. Why? The ultimate neutral, black is flattering, urbane, sleek and chic. It also does not show the accumulated dirt and grime of an international flight. Flying will suck the moisture from your face and body. Throughout the flight, I pat my face with Sonya Dakar Omega Booster oil and lubricate my eyes with Refresh eye drops. I swab AYR nasal gel (germs can enter the bloodstream through cracked nasal passages!) inside my nostrils before the flight. Cooties are a huge issue. I wipe down the whole area and tray with anti-bacterial wipes. I always bring the Bug Off Chair Cover to cover the airplane seat. This washable fabric cover is a barrier between me and the filthy seat. Wipes are also used to open and close the bathroom door. And to flush the toilet. I always bring two changes of clothes and my toiletries kit on the flight. Whether you fly first class or coach, bags get lost all of the time and you don’t want to waste your precious vacation hunting down clothes. I pack them in Flight001 Space Paks, which keeps everything super organized. Also in my carry-on are a gold pendant necklace, some gold earrings, sunglasses and lip gloss. I pop them on upon arrival to Paris to create some je ne sais quoi drama for my all-black look. My daughter, of course is in a similar kid-ified get up. She has her own chair cover, wipes and Ayr.

For medical maladies that may crop up en route, always have kids and adult  Advil, Pepto Bismol, Imodium, Band Aids and antibiotic ointment on hand. For ascending and descending, I am a huge fan of Ear Planes, which regulates air pressure naturally within the ear.

Au revoir

1. Michael Stars cotton long sleeve shirt $55

2. Flight001 Space Pak $46

3. Topshop leggings $24

4. Drift Eyewear sunglasses, prices vary

5. Boutique 9 flexible ballet flats $69

6. Sonya Dakar Omega Booster $42

7. Make Up Forever Lip Gloss $19

8. Refresh Eye Drops $15

9. DKNY Cozy sweater $195

10. Black Pashmina scarf $24.98

11. Children’s Advil $6.99Children’s Pepto-Bismol $5.29

12. Ayr Nasal Gel $6.99

13. Wet Ones Antibacterial $3.99

14. Bug Off Chair Cover $29.99

15. Ear planes $12.99

16. Goldfish crackers

17. Kind Bars $1.49 each

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With the spate of maternity and new mom gear on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed. So, I took a swan dive through the marketplace and selected a few must have products to help you-and your new baby-look and feel your best. Believe me, the smallest details make the world of difference.

1. SMART STASH: emergency diapers at the ready
Diaper Buds $5.99 for 8ct.

2. DROOL WORTHY: four chic bibs in one, perfect for busy parents and stylish kids
Bebe Au Lair Quib Bibs $14

3. MATERNITY MOXIE: Must-have pregnancy kit with luxe pampering essentials
Citrus Lane Pregnancy Pampering Kit curated by Amy Tara Koch $65

4. NEW RULES!: Dr. Laura Jana’s comprehensive guide for new parents
Heading Home With Your Newborn by Laura A. Jana & Jennifer Shu

5. SLEEP SAVVY: Guru Dr. Marc Weissbluth shows you how to get baby to stack Zs
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth

6. HEAVEN SCENT: The safest lavender-spiked cleanser for pregnancy
Belli Skincare Pregnancy Body Wash $15

7. BOOBY TRAP: Is it a bottle? A breast? Tough to tell and that’s a good thing
Mimijumi Not So Hungry bottle $13.99

8. AU COURANT CAR SEAT: The most adorable, safe, easy to carry  infant car seat
Britax Chaperone Carseat

9. GREAT CHOICE: Cord blood banking equals parental peace of mind
Viacord Cord Blood Banking

10. NURSING NIRVANA: Where (breastfeeding) fashion meets function
Leading Lady Nursing Lace Bra $31

11. PREGGO PANTIES: Sexy. Sexy. Sexy.
Belabumbum Maternity Lace Boyshorts $29

12. STROLL IN STYLE: Super stylish, lightweight stroller
Baby Cargo Stroller $150

13. HEDGE ON THE WEDGE: Get out of the preggo dumps in these sustainably sourced kitten heel wedges that come with seven ribbons to transform your look
Mohop Shoes Mid Cherry Peep toe $164

14. MOLTO MAXI: A smooth-as-silk maternity dress that can be dressed up or down in a snap
Ingrid & Isabel Athena Maxi Dress $148

15. FLIRTY & FABULOUS: The genius “Momshell” dress is perfect for pregnancy and beyond
More of Me Maternity Momshell Dress $170

16. SWELL STYLE: Jumpers are on trend. Hatch’s version accommodates a burgeoning bump and can be worn-belted-after baby
Hatch Maternity Jumper $258

17. SLEEK & CHIC: A black stretch camisole bodysuit perfectly flatters a pregnant body
Bashful Bump Maternity Camisole Bodysuit $44

18. SPACE SAVER: Rollable bibs are great for the on-the-go mom
Tommee Tipee Easy Roll Bibs $6.99 2pk

19. PURE RELEIF: Cootie free skin cream to naturally relieve baby’s eczema and assorted skin irritations
Episencial Soothing Cream $10.99

20. THE SKINNY: Destination Maternity translates the colored denim trend seamlessly into maternity with their secret fit belly.
Joe’s Jeans for Destination Maternity Chelsea Secret Belly Fit in Lollipop $185

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The holiday season is chaotic. Between running from work to events, cocktail soirees and seeing the family, unforseen style mishaps –a deodorant stain, a “third eye” of a zit, the snappage of a bra strap- can ruin all of the fun.  Here are some stylist secrets to recover from fashion fiascos in a snap.

PROBLEMS:                                                                        SOLUTIONS:

ACHING FEET………………………………..Foot Petal Triple Threat Pack $24.95

SMELLY……………………………………………..Dove Ultimate Fresh mini deo $1

YELLOW TEETH……………………………Prime Time Whitening System $29.98

MAKEUP ON CLOTHES or dirty shoes……….Huggies Baby Wipes prices vary

RUNNING TIGHTS or holes………………………..NYC Clear Nail Enamel $0.99

ALL IN ONE……………………………….Mr. and Mrs. Emergency Kit for Her $13

FLAT HAIR…………………………………..Hot Tools Self-Grip Rollers 5ct. $2.79

EMERGENCY PLUCKING……………Mini Tweezerman Harajuku Tweezers $15

ZITS……………………………………………Proactiv Acne Fighting Concealer $15

DEODORANT ON CLOTHES……The Gal Pal Garment Deodorant Remover $10

GREASY FACE……………………………….Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens $10

WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS……..Hollywood Fashion Double-sided tape $9

MISMATCHED ROOTS…………………………………….L’oreal Root Rescue $7.99

BROKEN STRAPS OR BUTTONS…………..Singer Safety Pins, assorted sizes $5

BAD BREATH………………….Colgate Wisp, portable mini toothbrushes $7.99

OILY HAIR……………………………Bumble and Bumble hair powder to-go $19

STAINS……………………………………………………………Tide-to-Go minis $5.99

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Parenting by way of Paris

From the moment I got knocked up, I had yearning  for a rendezvous  with Paris. I adore my children. But, I pine for the spontaneity of yore. Especially spur-of-the moment international travel. Since being seduced by Hem and his expat pals in my teens, I had managed to visit Paris–  exchange student, air courier ($100 tickets pre-terrorism!) or covering fashion week- enough to become fluent in the  language of champagne, sauccison and scarf tying. It was easy. Simply stuff multi-tasking black garments in a carry on, grab passport et voila! In this hilarious HUFFINGTON POST story, I document my journey from POOP PATROL to HOTEL PLAZA ATHENEE

Finally, it was timenow that my youngest child turned 5, I had been dreaming of a reunion with Paris  luxe-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel travel story.

Read full story here

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School’s Out! How to Keep Your Kids Sharp this Summer

With so much free time during the summer it is easy for kids to swan dive into the brain drain of mindless videos and electronics.  ALTERNATIVE? Fab educational apps and a smorgasboard of classic books to keep them busy, motivated and sharp.

Best Educational Apps:


The Zoo App for kids

For kids ages 2-6

This app helps kids Learn about animals and animal sounds through fun quizzes


Tally Tots App for Kids

For kids ages 2-4

This app helps Introduce toddlers/preschoolers to numbers and counting



Licking-Letters App for Kids

For kids ages 2-8

A hungry frog named Hoppy teaches young kids how to spell without the bore of scrabble



Chuzzle App for Kids

For kids ages 4+

This app is an interactive, furry version of connect four or bejeweled



Slice it App for Kids

For kids ages 5+

This app is all about Geometry Brain Teasers



Math Bingo App for Kids

Developed by an Elementary school teacher

Its exactly what it sounds like, except SO much better than flashcards.

You can choose all different kinds of math skills and difficulty levels to challenge yourself



Stack the States App for Kids

For kids Ages 6+

This app helps kids memorize all 50 states and capitols through exciting games and activities

A World version is also available



Motion Math App for Kids

For kids ages 8+

Think Space Invaders meets mathematics for this  outta this world app


My Favorite Classic Books:


Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers, The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer, Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, Mrs. Piggle -Wiggle by Betty McDonald and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Book of the Month Club:

Want these classic books to magically appear at your doorstep this summer?

Keep your kids engaged this summer with the ideal reading list curated by age and by interest by CHILDREN”S BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB. They’ll deliver two books to your doorstep for three months for only a $49.44 price tag (a 50% savings off of publisher’s edition prices, membership)  PLUS a $25 gift certificate for your family to enjoy.

From Goodnight Moon to Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Shel Silverstein and numerous  young adult novels, hundreds of titles are available.

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