Years of early morning TV appearances have taught me tried and true tricks to reduce under eye luggage. Whether you have allergies, poor circulation or are plain exhausted, Samsonite luggage sized under eye bags are often a concern for busy women.  First step?? treat the puffiness and dark circles with an anti-inflammatory agent like ice. Then, in the same way a cup of Joe gets you going in the morning, soak the eye with a green tea bag compress. The caffeine boost circulation and draws out excessive fluid which causes swelling and dark circles. Witch hazel soaked cotton pads also reduce swelling and irritation. Follow with cold spoons to decrease swelling. Sounds gross but a thin layer of Preparation H hemorrhoid cream under the eyes will shrink swelling within five minutes.  Then, apply an eye cream or serum with ingredients like elastin, oxygen, collagen and vitamin E to hydrate and reduce swelling. Of course, reducing the amount of salt intake will dramatically reduce puffiness around the eyes.


TEA BAGS The tannins in cool tea bags—especially green tea—compressed on the eyes for five minutes stimulates circulation and de-puffs the eyes.

COLD SOUP SPOONS I always keep two soup spoons in the freezer to press on my morning eyes for two minutes before putting on makeup.

CUCUMBER A homemade Crushed cucumber eye pack (grind ¼ cucumber, roll it into a compress between two pieces of paper towel) also soothes and reduces swelling around the eye area.

PREPARATION H Shrinks swelling!

EYE CREAM Another product created by a bold faced dermatologist is Dr. Murad’s Lighten and Brighten Treatment. A 1.5% hydroquinone lightens the under eye pigment and peptides which mimic human collagen helps to kick start circulation and reduce puffiness.

Dr. Patricia Wexler de-puff eye gel contains yeast and caffeine which deflates under eye bags and fruit extracts to soothe.

Sonya Dakar–dubbed Hollywood’s fairy skin mother has many a product to battle bags. Oxygen eye cream delivers oxygen, pro vitamin B and soy proteins to tired eyes which plumps the skin and improves elasticity.

CREAMY CONCEALERRevlon Photo Ready Concealer, Bobbi Brown Concealer and Laura Mercier “Undercover Pot” concealer

LENGTHENING MASCARA Opens the eyes, Maybelline Falsies Mascara


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